The wholesale division of Sensible Web Hosting, suited to 98% of the webhosting needs out there!.

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$10 domain registration available (.com + .net - others inquire)!

Don't think because of the LOW LOW price that you are getting some cheap, stripped down service. Look at all you get:


What you get: (the only thing Dirt Cheap here is the price!!)

What you do NOT get:

Don't even think to cheapen your business or even personal site by having banners (or other means) advertising your host; you will look tacky and unprofessional. For only $20/year, you can have your very own web identity. Don't pay monthly what you can pay for a full year. Pay just this small amount for fast, reliable service, and use the rest to promote your business, or just put in your pocket.

We accept paypal, check, and e-gold. Rate WILL NOT INCREASE for as long as you hold your account and it is current.

*If for any reason you are not satisfied with your hosting service, within 30 days, receive 100% of your hosting money back, guaranteed! No questions asked! We are that confident of our service. But, if, for instance, your business closed down within thirty days, we would refund your money anyway! Try getting that from a discount service elsewhere!!!

If you ARE looking for full featured hosting, adult hosting, more space, and/or more monthly transfer, see our parent hosting firm, www.sensiblewebhosting.com.

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